SCIENTIA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA ›› 1998, Vol. 18 ›› Issue (3): 199-204.doi: 10.13249/j.cnki.sgs.1998.03.199

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Tang Dengyin   

  1. Institute of Geogrpahy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Beijing 100101
  • Online:1998-05-20 Published:1998-05-20

Abstract: This paper is divided into four parts: (1) the brilliant march; (2) the unique research work; (3) the complete academic thought system; (4) the heartening spirit.The author briefly reviews Prof. Huang’s research work related to agricutlure which is the main component of his scientific activities. About 50 years of research work have been experienced in agriculture. Wide range of topics was concerned. His research work in agriculture resulted in great influence on China’s agricultural practice and geographical development.In the second part of this paper the author thinks that Huang’s research work has the following characteristics: (1) the practicability, (2) breaking through the constraints of traditional geography, (3) doing researches in the front of era, (4) observing agriculture with the view of wide angle, (5) experimentation.In the third part the author analysizes Huang’s academic thought system consisting of the following components: (1) the integration is the base for geography, (2) the core task of integration is to discove the relationship of the geographical components, processes, and between them, (3) the approach to enhance the capability of geography depends on the analysis under the guidance of integration, (4) application of integration thought to the geographical complex in the defferent spatial scale, (5) the resolution of the practical problems needs integration, (6) a long way to go to reach the integration.Finally, Huang’s spirit would encourage the geographers. Some aspects of Huang’s spirit include: (1) loving our homeland and devoting himself to agriculture, (2) continuously bringing in the creation to his research work, (3) deep theoretical thought.

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