About Journal

About the Journal

Founded in 1981, Scientia Geographica Sinica is a comprehensive geographical academic journal, governed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, sponsored by Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS and the Geographical Society of China, and published by Science Press. 

Scientia Geographica Sinica aims to publish the latest research achievements and new theories, findings, ideas, and methods in geographical science, focusing on articles with innovative and cutting-edge content and gives priority to articles combining basic theories and application of geographical science. It is an interdisciplinary journal committed to promoting research interaction between geographical sciences and relevant subjects. 

Publishing Scope
The journal mainly publishes articles in the following research areas: application of remote sensing of environment and geographic information system, human-land relationship, natural resources, population, environment, energy, climate change, and sea level rise, especially frontier research results funded and supported by National Natural Science Foundation, State Key Laboratory Foundation, National Programs for Science and Technology Development, and other key projects. Research articles, reports, reviews, discussions, techniques and methods, dissertations abstracts, book reviews, and academic activity reports on the above-mentioned topics are all welcomed. 

Indexing and Abstracting
The journal is indexed in the following databases:
Current Geographical Publications (US);
Abstracts Journal (Russia);
Japan Science and Technology Agency(Japan ) 
Ulrich’s PeriodicalsDirectory (US) 
Chinese Core Journals;
Chinese Core Journals (Social Sciences);
Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI);
Chinese Science and Technology Paper and Citation Database (CSTPCD);
Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD);
Chinese Geographical and Resources Abstracts;
Qikan China
China Academic Journal CD-ROM.

The journal has established close relationship with many universities and research institutes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, and Japan and is a journal collected by the Library of Congress (US). Besides, it is recognized as one of the “Three Geographical Journals” in China. In 2020 and 2021, the journal is classified as Grade T1 journal in the fields of physical geography, human geography, and natural resources and Grade T2 journal in the field of information geology cataloged in “Chinese High-Quality Scientific Journals”. In addition, the journal is supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences Publishing Foundation. It won the third and the fourth “Outstanding S&T Journals of China” and is awarded “High International Impact Academic Journal of China” for years. In 2000 and 2020, it won “Excellent Geographical Journal” of China and is selected in “Top 30 Scientific Journals” in Jilin Province.

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