SCIENTIA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA ›› 2018, Vol. 38 ›› Issue (2): 195-205.doi: 10.13249/j.cnki.sgs.2018.02.005

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Evolution and Driving Force Detection of Urban Human Settlement Environment at Urban Agglomeration in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River

Qingqing Yang1(), Jia Chen1, Bohua Li2(), Yuanyuan Zhu3   

  1. 1. College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Northwest University, Xi’an 710127, Shaanxi, China;
    2. Research Establishment for Hunan Settlement, Hengyang Normal University, Hengyang 421002, Hunan, China
    3. Key Laboratory for Geographical Process Analysis & Simulation, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, Hubei, China;
  • Received:2017-04-12 Revised:2017-07-12 Online:2018-04-10 Published:2018-04-10
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China (41571161) , Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province(2016JJ2010), National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (41501145)


This article follows the main line of "setting up evaluation framework→describing the evolution process→detection of core dynamics→analytical driving mechanism". In the view of the core areas about urban human settlement, such as ecological, residential, public services, leisure, this article has made a systematic study on the evolution of urban human settlements at the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, such as the spatial and temporal evolution process, the key factors and the driving mechanism, by using the methods about AHP, comprehensive fuzzy evaluation, Pearson correlation analysis. Research shows that: 1) urban human settlement comprehensive quality pattern shows a process that the quality of the northwest area has been relatively reduced and the quality of the southeast region has been gradually improved. High quality of urban human settlement gradually are concentrated in the Poyang Lake urban circle and the areas along the Beijing-Guangzhou line. 2) The pattern of ecological environment quality gradually is divided by Xiangyang-Ji’an line, and the quality of the eastern side of the dividing line is significantly better than that of the west side. The spatial and temporal patterns of living and public service environment are similar, and the leisure environment is opposite to that of the two. The main feature is residential quality and public service quality of the cities along the Beijing-Guangzhou railway line is always better than that of along the Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway line in Jiangxi, but the quality of leisure environment gradually has been inferior to the cities along the Zhejiang-Jiangxi in Jiangxi. 3) The evolution of urban human settlement is the result of multiple factors, and the object, degree and direction of each driving force are different. Among them, economic development, government investment is the dominant power of the urban human settlement evolution, the social group's revenue and expenditure is the key motive force, and the land supply and construction investment are the subordination driving forces of the present stage. In addition, the scale of the city promotes the evolution of the urban human settlement through the agglomeration and the catalysis.

Key words: urban human settlement, geographic detector, urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River

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