Review and Prospects on Road Erosion Research

  • 1. State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, School of Geography and Remote Sensing Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875;
    2. State Key Laboratory of Systems Ecology, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100085

Received date: 2006-11-01

  Revised date: 2007-08-01

  Online published: 2008-01-20


Road network plays an important role in initiating hydrological change and contributing to erosion process in a watershed because of the cutting of overland flow pathways and sediment transportation. Roads in a watershed can generate the flow collection along slopes and road-related erosion can also enhance gully erosion. Gully erosion occurring on the roads as well as corresponding sediment deposition may hinder traffic. In order to determine the contribution of road networks to soil loss, most attention has been given to road erosion and its impacts on hydrological and sediment transport process in a watershed in many countries over the world on the base of the data from field investigation and experiments. A lot of results dealing with road erosion process and sediment storage have been obtained. In this paper, we reviewed and discussed the researches on road erosion conducted in recent 20 years, and summed the results obtained by representative researchers in different parts of the world. At last, according to geographic features and soil loss, some suggestions and prospects on studies about road erosion in China have been given.

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ZHANG Ke-Li, XU Xian-Li, LUO Li-Fang . Review and Prospects on Road Erosion Research[J]. SCIENTIA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, 2008 , 28(1) : 119 -123 . DOI: 10.13249/j.cnki.sgs.2008.01.119


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