Correlation Study on Industrial Structure and Employment Structure—A Case of Wuhu City

  • College of National Territorial Resources and Tourism, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, Anhui 241000

Received date: 2005-07-20

  Revised date: 2005-11-28

  Online published: 2006-09-20


The employment issue is an important challenge that confronted the current society and economy development of China and the industrial structure evolvement is an important part in regional economic development, and they are closely related to each other. Wuhu is an important city in Anhui Province, its industrial structure has been changed quickly in the last decade and industrialization course developed rapidly. But large quantity of surplus labor force and the difficulty of its transferring is an important hindrance to the rapid and overall development of Wuhu City. This paper, from the angle of the relationship between industrial structure and employment structure, explores the mutual development of the industrial structure and employment structure. Firstly, the relationships between employment structure and three industrial structures, secondary and tertiary industries and current labor force supply and demand condition in Wuhu City have been analyzed respectively. The conclusions show that: (1) The industry development and labor force supply and demand in Wuhu City is out of line considerably; (2) The structure conversion in industry itself is an important reason for labor force transfer and market change; (3) The lack of third industry development is important limiting factor for economy development and employment extension in Wuhu City; (4) The lack of labor force employment training is an important obstacle to employment. At last, the main countermeasures to promoting mutual development of the industrial structure and employment structure include emphasizing establishing industry group, developing the servicing business strongly and strengthening the labor force occuation training facing the market.

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ZHAO Chun-Yu, FANG Jue-Shu, ZU Yong-Heng . Correlation Study on Industrial Structure and Employment Structure—A Case of Wuhu City[J]. SCIENTIA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, 2006 , 26(5) : 536 -543 . DOI: 10.13249/j.cnki.sgs.2006.05.536


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