Study on Urbanization Responds of Harbin-Dalian Traffic Economic Belt in Northeast China

  • College of Urban and Environmental Science, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin 130024

Received date: 2003-10-13

  Revised date: 2004-03-16

  Online published: 2004-09-20


Urbanization evolved with the development of industrialization and transportation, and gone with the development of urbanization, population, industry, cities and towns, information and other elements centralized and diffused on a large scale in Harbin-Dalian Traffic Economic Belt(TEB). Special geo-political and geo-economic environment affected the course of urbanization in Harbin-Dalian TEB deeply. At present, the characteristics of urbanization in Harbin-Dalian TEB are: (1) The function system is not perfect while urban system formed basically. (2)The space expand fast, otherwise, the differences of development level of the cities are obvious. (3)Extra-economy developed quickly, and the industrial construction changed to the higher level day by day. (4) The system reform is lagging, private economics developed slowly, and there are lots of difficulties in regional accumulation. (5)The construction of modern infrastructure provide solid foundations for the development of urbanization. Three backgrounds must be considered in forecasting the trends of urbanization in Harbin-Dalian TEB: (1) industry transformation and the structure of international cargo flow in the world in the course of economic globalization; (2) the changes of industrial development model according to demands of sustainable development; (3) the adjustments of national macro-regional structure for reconstruction and exerting of old industrial base in Northeast China. At the same time, it should be fully considered industrial location orientation, industrial centralization orientation and the trends of regional urbanization and urban conformity at present and in the future. Based on the above, the authors considered that the formation and development of the four Metropolitan Economic Circles establish the urbanization structure in Harbin-Dalian TEB in the future. It should be provided several countermeasures for the urbanization to develop orderly in Harbin-Dalian TEB: (1) Propel system and mechanism innovation, accelerate urbanization "from bottom to top". (2)Strengthen the centralization and diffusing of regional central cities in order to urge cities and regions develop conformity. (3)Construct regional harmonious institutions in order to elaborate macro-adjustment function of national policy. (4) Propel the course of regional integration by the development of four metropolitan economic circles according to demands of globalization and regional integration in northeast Asia.

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WANG Rong-Cheng, ZHAO Ling . Study on Urbanization Responds of Harbin-Dalian Traffic Economic Belt in Northeast China[J]. SCIENTIA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, 2004 , 24(5) : 535 -541 . DOI: 10.13249/j.cnki.sgs.2004.05.535


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