• Institute of Soil Science, Academia Sinica, Nanjing 210008

Received date: 1996-03-01

  Revised date: 1996-08-01

  Online published: 1996-07-20


Characteristics of special distribution of the categories in Chinese Soil Taxonomy were studied through analyzing the diag-nostic horizons and diagnostic characteristics and their relations to the variation of the various soil-forming factors in China, and using soil mapping technology. Results indicate that the distribution characteristics of the higher categories in Chinese Soil Taxonomy are different from the past used zonal distribution which are inferred based on the relationships among typical profiles and bio-climatic conditions. Among the fourteen soil orders, there are six belonging to the basic type, which show regu-larly continuous distribution and can be divided into three large soil series: aridic, ustic and udic soils. The other eight soil orders belong to the special type, with band-shaped, spot-shaped, chessboard-shaped, patch-shaped, distributions. Moreover, there is a vertical distribution characteristic in mountains.

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Gong Zitong, Chen Hongzhao, Wang Helin . DISTRIBUTION OF HIGHER CATEGORIES IN CHINESE SOIL TAXONOMY[J]. SCIENTIA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, 1996 , 16(4) : 289 -297 . DOI: 10.13249/j.cnki.sgs.1996.04.289


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