• Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, Jinan

Online published: 1990-07-20


In the paper northeast China refers to Heilongjiang,Jilin and Liaoning provinces.There are nine insolation-observing stations in northeast China.The equations of total radiation and ground albedo in winter are established based on the solar radiation data and climatic data from the nine insolation-observing stations from 1961 to 1980. The equation of total radiation is Q=S0a+bS)where,Q is total radiation;S0 is astronomical radiation;S relative sunshine;a and b regression coefficients. The equation of ground albedo in winter is
where,A is ground albedo;n days of snow cover;N days of each month in winter;H the sun’s altitude. For effective radiation,the following equation is adopted:
where,E is effective radiation;σ Stefan-Boltzman constant,which equals 5.68E-8;T0,T,e,n and C represent the means of ground temperature,air temperature,absolute humidity,cloudiness and a coefficient, respectively. The annual and monthly values of total radiation,effective radiation and net radiation for 166 stations in northeast China are calculated. Their characteristics of distribution in space and time are discussed. The results indicate that northeast China is rich in solar radiation resource.The amounts of annual total radiation,annual effective radiation and annual net radiation are 4100-5300MJ/m2,1600-2200MJ/m2,and 1470-2480MJ/m2,respectively.In respect to the spatial distribution,the annual total radiation in south is more than that in north.There is an increasing tendency of total radiation from east to west.The effective radiation increases from east to west,and the net radiation decreases from south to north.As for the annual variation,the smallest and largest monthly values of total radiation and net radiation are in December,and May or June,respectively;the smallest monthly value of effective radiation is in February or July,and the largest in March.

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Li Guangjie . RADIATION BALANCE OF EARTH SURFACE IN NORTHEAST CHINA[J]. SCIENTIA GEOGRAPHICA SINICA, 1990 , 10(4) : 338 -346,388 . DOI: 10.13249/j.cnki.sgs.1990.04.338


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